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Biotech has been manufacturing waste water treatment systems in Ireland since 1999. This company is involved in the manufacture and installation of a new generation of Eco friendly water treatment systems. The system is designed to treat domestic and industrial waste in a simple and effective way while reducing nitrogen and effluent or biochemical oxygen demand below 5 MLT. The system is licensed for manufacture and sale in Europe and in a number of states on the east coast of USA (North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Virginia). American National Standards exist for a wide range of products, providing for a method of test and associated criteria of demonstrated product compliance. In the case of the NSF waste water treatment standards, these are accomplished primarily through a committee structure, with the NSF Joint Committee on Waste Water Technology at the core. At present the product is under test for NSF 40, NSF 245 and NSF 350 Certifications, on receipt of which the company will be licensed to sell throughout the USA and Canada.

Biotech Factory in Raleigh North Carolina


Biotech factory in USA