Eco friendly waste water treatment systems - for a greener future

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Who Are Biotech Text Small ?

Biotech has been manufacturing waste water treatment systems in Ireland since 1999. This company is involved in the manufacture and installation of a new generation of Eco friendly water treatment systems. The system is designed to treat domestic and industral waste in a simple and effective way while reducing nitrogen and effluent or biochemical oxygen demand below 5 MLT.

We are recognised by Universities and Engineers as the visionary for development of waste water treatment and rain harvest units in Ireland.

Our product range of newly developed systems has opened up markets in Europe, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, Mexico, Africa and the USA and to date have installed lamost 15,000 systems.

BIOTECH Milestones

1999 Tadhg Linehan started up as a distributor of sewage treatment systems in the Republic Of Ireland

2001 Bio Tech Sales reach 1.4m Euro

2003 Bio Tech constructs its own manufacturing plant and began manufacturing systems to serve the growing Irish waste water industry

2005 Bio Tech is granted the Irish Agrement Cert and expands its manufacturing facility

2006 Bio Tech secures 50% of the Irish market for single dwelling treatment systems with a turnover of 3.5m Euro.

2007 Bio Tech installs its system at Aachen Germany for EN (European Certification) test and the test conducted for portable water standard. Bio tech is also introduced to the USA markets in North Carolina.

2009 Bio tech is granted TSII certification in North Carolina and is recognised as the first European company to do so with CE testing data.

2010 EN Certification is granted to Bio tech. Bio tech establishes a base in North Carolina and put sales force and engineering team in operation. Bio tech starts building treatment systems for the US markets and begins shipping to North Carolina. Bio tech installs treatment systems to the NSF testing facility in Waco Texas, testing for NSF 40, NSF 245 and NSF 350. Bio tech is selected as the only single home dwelling pre-treatment system to installand test a SAF 12 system in the USA for the CDC Government Refusr Program. Bio tech sign distribution agreement with McNeill Water and Wastewater Inc., an existing supplier of large sewage treatment systems in the United States. This allows Bio tech to enter an existing market force within the United States.