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How does the Bio-tech system work?

The Bio tech system is made up of a pretreatment chamber tank, sand polishing modules and UV light.

  1. The pre treatment tank is made up of 3 chambers:
    1. Primary Chamber
    2. Aeration Chamber
    3. Final effluent chamber
    How the Bio tech system works diagram

  • Influent enters the promary chamber of the pretreatment tank and solids fall to the bottom surface

    Water then flows through the filter at the wall of the first chamber and into the aeration chamber

    Oxygen is delivered to the bacteria in the aeration chamber by an outside air compressor. The bacteria are attached to a media bed in the aeration chamber.

    The water then flows into the final effluent chamber where there are two final effluent pumps worked on float switches. One of the effluent pumps is recycling the final effluent back into the first chamber. The second pump is used to pump the final effluent out of the pretreatment tank and into the sand polishing modules.

    The water is then evenly distributed by spray nozzles onto the sand where it soaks for final filtration.

    The filtered water then leaves the sand polishing modules and goes through a UV light disinfectant befor going into the leech fields.

Biotech Treatment System & Sand Polishing Modules Model # for Design Flows

Design Flow
Primary settlement
chamber size -
anoxic (gallons)
Media Treatment
chamber size -
aerobic (gallons)
Final settlement
chamber size
Biotech Treatment
System & Sand Modules Model#
Up to 450 550 300 150 SF8
451-600 600 350 200 SF12
601-800 700 410 220 SF15
801-1250 850 600 380 SF25
1251-1600 1000 700 420 SF30
1601-2200 1200 900 490 SF40
2201-3000 1500 1000 510 SF50