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Reuse . . . Our Vision and Future!

Our research and development team have developed the Bio-tech SAF pre treatment systems with sand polishing modules and UV light to a standard that has surpassed our competitors.

Water shortage is a rapidly growing problem worldwide and our vision for the future is “reuse”. That is why Bio tech engineers have designed and developed a reuse system to implement into areas where there are huge water shortages.

The Bio tech treatment system has been selected by the CDC to support the government backed “reuse” program in the United States .

Black water from single dwellings enter the Bio-tech pre treatment system and sand polishing modules with UV light. The treated final effluent is sent back through the house for toilet flushing and general purpose use.

We are currently researching new technology to further advance the quality of effluent as well as reducing energy consumption by using solar power.

One of the many patent pending projects  in development  is a geothermal heat exchanger. A heat exchanger is wrapped around the  Bio-tech pretreatment tank as it is buried in the ground. The  water coil in turn draws heat energy from the soil and sends heated water back through the house.