The new duplex water softener


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PALLAS DUO - The new duplex water softener

The hardness of water

The hardness of water causes many problems in dishwashers, coffee makers, irons, shower heads, faucets… Even the pipes can completely clog due to the limescale that settles and hardens. Pallas® launches the new Duo; a new generation of softeners that is suitable for all domestic and small commercial applications (e.g. cafeterias, restaurants….)
Moreover, by choosing the Pallas® Duo you will save considerably on the use of soap and cleaning liquids necessary for washing clothes and crockery.



The Pallas® Duo is a duplex device equipped with two resin tanks. This guarantees soft water all day long. As soon as one of the tanks is exhausted, regeneration starts and at the same time control switches automatically to the other tank that continues to deliver soft water

Regeneration is only started when a capacity that was programmed in advance is consumed. The consumption of water is registered by an accurate digital meter that is connected to the electronic pallas duo cross sectioncontrol.

For the regeneration, upflow brine was deliberately chosen. This is why the Pallas® Duo is an extremely economical unit for salt consumption. The salt used to regenerate is packed in bags of 10kg so that no space is lost to a large salt tank.

The device can deliver completely soft water but also offers the possibility to allow passing a certain quantity of remaining hardness. Adjusting the button of remaining hardness is sufficient.


Top side of the Pallas Duo

controls of pallas duo water softenerAt the top of the device there is a simple electronic control with which all parameters are adjusted. The salt lid slides open so that the salt can be easily added.

Dimensions and Design

The dimensions and design of the Pallas® Duo are revolutionary. A water softener is usually placed in a garage or a cellar but due to the small dimensions, the unit can also be put in other places, such as in a cupboard or under the kitchen sink.
For small commercial use, the unit can be put in the supply tube to the machine it should protect; e.g. a percolator, a dishwasher, a pressure cooker…. Due to the small dimensions there is always some place available to install the unit.

pallas duo dimensions


Technical Characteristics

Resin volume:

2 x 6 L



Inlet / Outlet

1” or ¾”



Nominal flow rate:

1,2 m3/h

Peak flow rate:

3,0 m3 /h

Electrical rating:

24V – 50Hz

Working pressure:

1,8 to 8,5 bar

Working temperature:

1°C to 40°C

Remaining hardness regulator

Yes (optional)

Upflow regeneration:




The Advantages of the Pallas Duo

  • pallas duo happy baby Very small dimensions, so the softener can be put anywhere.
  • Soft water 24h a day
  • Very attractive design.
  • Upflow regeneration with soft water so that you save on slat and regeneration water.
  • Fully automatic volumetric function. Only adding salt, now and then, required.