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Seko Water Dosing Pumps


Just 4 Models, Just PVDF,

All functions in one pump
4 models that cover 1 to 60 lt/h with an output pressure up to 20 Bar

1 Casing allows skids to be pre-constructed,
as the fixing points remain constant, and the
pumps can be selected on confirmation of the
dosing flow

Inventory Reduction
Reduce spares stock holding
dosing pump analogue dosing pump digital

pvdf pump head

PVDF is suitable for almost all chemical used
in the Industrial, Waste Water Treatment and
potableWater applications

The use of Ceramic balls as standard
improves the pumping reliability and the
chemical compatibility of the whole liquid end

Full chemical compatibility
reliable dosing pumps The advanced design and manufacturing
process allows the diaphragm to have a
unique life expectancy

Made of pure solid PTFE, the diaphragm is
compatible with most chemicals

The diaphragm has been tested over a period
of 5 years giving superior results
Routine diaphragm replacement is no longer a

Reduced maintenance

Full chemical compatibility
dosing performance

Reduced power consumption as the solenoid
only draws the required power to activate the
pump, based on the working conditions

Stable dosing performance: improve pump
efficiency as performance is not affected by power supply fluctuations

Reduce inventory holding
intuitive progamming

Programming menu are self explanatory and
available in 5 languages

Intelligent Display, once a function is
selected the pump will only display the
parameters to set, which are linked to the
selected function

Reduced programming time