Biotech sf6 waste water treatment system


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SF6 - Waste Water Treatment

Featyres and Benefits of the SF6 Sewage Treatment System

 sf8 system informationIrish Agrement Certified Product
Low Energy Consumption
Low Maintenance Requirements
Lockable Inspection Cover
Ease of Installation
Silent Operation
Environmentally Friendly
Quality After Sales Service
Excellent Durabitity
Unobtrusive Under Ground Level



The Biotech SF6 Wastewater Treatment System has been designed for use in the treatment of domestic wastewater when insalled in accordance with the recommendations of BS 6297: 1983 and the EPA wastewater treatment manual. The quality of effluent from the Biotech SF6 wastewater treatment system exceeds that of the effluent from a septic tank and can meet the Building Regulation requriements. The Biotech SF6 waste water treatment system utilises a Biological Aeration Filter process to treat domestic wastewater from dwellings with a population equivalent of up to six persons. The tank is formed in two halves from glass reinforced plastic.



Within the unit are three chambers that process the raw sewage. The first of these chambers is the primary settlement tank. This provides initial settlement and seperation of the solids. The solids from sludge at the bottom of the tank and the lighter debris forms a crust on the surface of the liquid. The sludge and crust should be removed periodically in accordance with the maintenance schedule. The liquid that is contained between the sludge and the surface crust passes forward for treatment to the submerged aerated filtersf8 system info 2


This part of the unit is the treatment zone. It contains a set of inactive modular media blocks that provide a large surace area on which naturally occuring bacteria can develop. The bacteria require oxygen, which is sipplied by a linear low-pressure compressor via diffusers beneath the media bed.



As the bacteria in the submerged aerated filter die off, they fall away from the media and pass forward to the final settlement tank, further reducing the level of suspended solids in the final effluent. The curved bottom of the tank ensures a concentrated settlement of the dead bacteria. The unit incorporates a returning sludge recycling system that transfers any remaining sludge through to the primary settlement tank. It is this innovative design feature that enables the unit to met the strictest requirements and operate at maximum efficiency

SF6 the perfect waste water managment solution