Biotech sf6 waste water treatment system


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SF6 - Waste Water Treatment


Since the SF6 is an integral unit, installation is a straight forward operation. Each Unit supplied by SF6 layout of trenches and tankBiotech comes complete with full installation instructions. Perculation test results are needed to design the irrigation area for the system to operate at optimum performance and keep the emissions within the accepted guidelines

Typical layout for irrigation trenches

Effluent from the SF6 treatment system should be discharged to a percolation area subject satisfactory results from site suitability assessment and in accordance with the local authority conditions.

For effective irrigation, 110mm diameter perforated smooth
wall pipe should only be used for the effluent dispersal. The maximum length permitted for each run of pipe in the system should not exceed 20 metres.

To ensure even effluent distribution these pipes should be laid in trenches parallel to each other, with a minimum spacing of two metres of undisturbed soil between each trench; or 2.45 metres between trench centres. It is
advised that the trenches should also have a minimum section of trenches with sf6 system
fall of 1:200 away from the outlet of the system.

The pipes should be at least 1.2m/600mm above the highest water table/fissured rock strata.



The unit is delivered to the site fully assembled. It shall be lifted with certified slings in accordance with Biotech instruction


Biotech Treatment Systems Ltd. service technicians shall carry out commisioning after installation is complete and all services are connected

Servicing and maintenance

Biotech Treatment Systems Ltd. offer service and maintenance contracts and can also carry out repair work.

SF6 the perfect waste water managment solution