Biotech sf8 waste water treatment system


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SF8 - Waste Water Treatment

System Description

 The SF8 treatment system is a GRP (glass reinforced plastic) vessel that has a minimum wall thicknesssf8 system information of approx 5.0mm.The vessel is divided internally by bulkheads, which make-up the various chambers used for the treatment process.
These chambers are designated as:

  • Primary settlement chamber.

  • Treatment chamber (submerged aerated filter)

  • Final settlement chamber.


Primary Treatment Chamber

The primary settlement chamber is where the raw sewage
is introduced to the system. It is within this chamber that the sewage is separated. All the gross solids settle to the bottom of the vessel, while the fluids pass over into the treatment section of the vessel. 
The primary chamber will require periodic de-sludging in accordance with the systems maintenance schedule.


Treatment Chamber

After the initial separation of the influent, the liquid passes over into the treatment chamber. It is within sf8 system info 2this chamber that the actual treatment of the sewage takes place.
The chamber contains an inert plastic media that is designed to
promote the growth of bacteria. This media is in turn fed with a constant stream of air, which accelerates the bacterial growth. It is the bacterial action within the chamber, which digests and reduces the waste material and therefore reducing BOD and Total Suspended Solids.  Linear diaphragm compressors that operate constantly, supply the air to the treatment chamber. These compressors operate on a constant cycle and are both economical in use and easy to maintain. 
It should be noted that the treatment chamber is the most delicate part of the system, and as such is easily disrupted. This can be caused by a variety of reasons, which should be avoided at all costs.

Examples such as:

Avoid over-use of strong bleaches and detergents (blue loo and other lavatory cleaning agents)

The introduction of chemicals and acids to the system. (cleaning paint brushes in the sink, etc)

The draining of surface water into the system.

Final Settlement Chamber

Like the treatment chambers, the final settlement chamber features a sludge return system. This feature allows any sediment captured in both the treatment chambers and final chamber to be returned back to the primary settlement chamber to be removed
A Submersible pump operates a duty cycle of approximately a ratio of 2:1 by circulating the water and carbon back to the primary chamber where micro-organisms achieve tertiary de-nitrification to less than 10mg/l total nitrogen.  Total nitrogen is reduced substantially and cost effectively by re-circulation nitrified water from the treatment chamber back to the primary chamber.

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