Biotech sf8 waste water treatment system


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SF8 - The Finishing Touch

Why Intermittent Sand Filter

 Where high groundwater, poor soil, or other site constraints rule out a conventional septic system. Tucked neatly underground – they are out of home owner’s site.

Pre engineered ISF kits Biotech use high quality reliable components. No more shopping around, piecing together parts. Engineers & Attorneys appreciate the advance level of waste water treatment from our sand filters, which typically BOD and TSS of less than 5mg/L. contractors and installers appreciate the visual appearance and the low system maintenance and low operation cost.

Where high ground water, poor soil, and other site constraints rule out a conventional septic system, intermittent sand filters (ISFs) are an ideal solution.

With a long history of superior treatment, ISF from Biotech out perform and aerobic treatment plants.
Tucked neatly underground, Biotechs ISF’s  can be planted with reed, flowers or covers with Bark Mulch to blend into the landscaping.

Now you can safeguard your family and enjoy your garden too. Biotech ISF design fits nearly all designs. Biotech expertise delivered to your door. Easy to follow insulation instructions. Biotech ISF  for consistent effluent quality, even when faced with system fluctuations and stresses. Every Biotech ISF kit is engineered for long life duty. No routing racking. Tilling or replacent of the sand.

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Water beofre and after intermittent sand filter

Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD)
- BOD Influent (mg/L) = 327
- CBOD Effluent (mg/L) = 3
- CBOD Removal Percent = 97%

Total suspended Solids
- TSS Influent (mg/L) = 345
- TSS Effluent (mg/L) = 4
- TSS Removal Percent = 95%

Total Nitrogen
- Total N Removal percent = 70%
- Total PTOT = 78%
- Turbidity > 2mg/L
- Fecal Coliform > 1



UV Light

Fecal coliform counts in the home aerobic treatment effluent typically range from 800 - 20,000 per UV lights100ml. The ultraviolet unit is well over designed to disinfect the efflurny from home aerobic treatment systems. There are no adverse effects from over exposing the effluent to germicidal ultraviolet ligth, because UV disinfection does not form by products in contrast to chlorination and other chemical disinfection methods. Under the above conditions, the fecal coliform, the fecal coliform reduction by UV light unit exceeds 99.9%

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