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Why use the Bio-tech system?

• Bio tech can manufacture custom size treatment systems for any size project!

• The footprint of the Bio tech system allows for closer proximity to lakes, rivers, fences and boundaries.

• The Bio tech system is one of the most efficient of its kind due to its design with no need for mechanical power trains, or moving parts inside the tank.

• The Bio tech system currently reduces Nitrogen up to 80% and above.

• The addition of sand polishing modules and UV light on the Bio tech system has proven to clean up the water to an exceptionally higher standard.

• The system has very low energy consumption and almost noiseless in operation.

• The sand polishing modules can be placed in any sequence after the tank this allowing fitting into the smallest and most difficult sites where other systems cannot work.

• Bio tech is currently testing for NSF 40, NSF 245 and is becoming recognized by major utility companies as a “reuse” system.

• Bio tech engineers design their systems  for projects presented by soil scientists and PE’s for regulatory approval.

• The Bio tech system is one of the easiest and fastest systems on the market to install.

 • The Bio tech fiberglass system has been tested beyond protocol and proven as one of the strongest structures on the market